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Securitech works closely with clients to find high-security locking solutions that suit their needs. Securitech is experienced with troubled locations with high-asset valuables, broken into retail facilities, worrisome owners, government, infrastructure and the alike. Door locks including the Trident and other various locking systems are equipped for the toughest levels of abuse. 


As industry leaders since our founding, we’ve grown accustomed to working with companies of all sizes, and providing products to wholesalers and dealers worldwide. We enjoy putting our minds together to deliver quality goods that adhere to the highest standards.

Securitech has the products that make the difference to get the job done. The champion staff and manufacturing precision help Houdini keep our clients doors secure from coast to coast with the highest regard for life safety.
Houdini Lock & Safe Company

Philidelphia, PA

Solid products and consistent quality time and time again. I’ve installed many Securitech locks with ease. I like to do a project, give the best protection, and walk away without callbacks.

New York City, NY

What you do here- keep it up. Securitech is innovative and a solid source for solutions; the knowledge base and integrity is unlike many others. What do you have new to show me?

ASIS International 2016

I have a single door with a Trident crummy criminals tried to break into, but you’re trusty Trident stoppped them cold!
Nationwide Retailer


Current Users

Securitech solutions are used everyday in a wide variety of facilities across the USA. The following are just some of the end-users who benefited from Securitech products:

AT&T  |  American Express  |  American Institute of Physics  |   Bank of Nova Scotia  |  BonMarche  |  Brinks  |  Brown University  |  Cartier  |  Catholic Life Center   | City of Charlotte Light Rail  |  Clemson University  |  ConEd   |  Craighead County Courthouse  |  Fairfield High School Shelter  |  First Union Bank  |  Fry’s Electronics  |  Home Depot  |  HSBC Bank  |  Lafayette Water Treatment  |  Macy’s  |  Missouri Air National Guard  |  Montefore Hospitcal  |  Movado  |  Nestle | New York Housing Dept.  |  NYC Transit  |  NY Power Authority  |   Nextell   |  Ranch Waster District  |  Rite Aid  |   Ruby Tuesday  |   Social Security Administration  |   Southern Adventist University  |   Staples  |  State University of New York  |   Tacoma School District   |   United Switch & Signal  |  USPS  |  Verizon  |  Walgreen’s  |  Yale University


We’re here to help. Get in touch to inquire about your needs.