Single Door Alarm

DA 100 series alarms overcome the inherent weakness in door mounted alarms or alarms integrated within the panic device or emergency exit lock. SDA alarms are installed above the door frame, not on the door, for maximum vandal-resistance. Employees cannot remove a 9volt battery to defeat the alarm. Emergency exits and other doors cannot be opened without sounding an alarm, unless shunted by use of the key switch.

  • AC Powered
  • 110 Db Siren
  • Amber Strobe
  • Hidden Door Contact Switch
  • Key Switch Box For Alarm Shunt/Reset
  • Battery Back-Up For Power Supply
  • DPA Option  
  • 85db Siren Option

Single Door Keypad Alarm

Need: Retailer has door in path of emergency exit. Door typically leads to stockroom, bathroom or break area.

Operation: Entering valid code on keypad silences alarm for one usage. Push-button on unlocked side silences alarm for one usage.
Bypass: Enter bypass code to disable alarm for extended period (Field adjustable), or use optional keyswitch. Used for deliveries, etc.

Goal: To prevent unauthorized travel through door and sound alarm if door is used without authorization.

  • Keypad & Siren In One
  • Easy-To-Install Unit
  • Mounts Over Single Gang Box
  • Digital Piezo Keypad
  • Up To 200 Individual User Codes
  • 90db Siren
  • AC Powered, Plug-In Type Transformer
  • Surface Door Contact Switch
  • Easy Retrofit Installation
  • Request-To-Exit Button Silences
  • Alarm When Re-Entering
  • Special Wiring Not Required

Door Usage Notification Alarm
Provides Security on Doors where double cylinder locks cannot be used. The #NDA-121 Solves The Problem of an Employee Exiting A Closed Store Without Notifying The Manager To Re-Lock The Door.

  • Accommodates Up To 4 Doors Swinging Or Sliding
  • Adjustable Alarm Sound Time Can Be Set For 1-5 Seconds
  • 110db Siren
  • AC Powered, Protected Within Power Supply
  • Surface Door Contact Switch
  • Easy Retrofit Installation
  • Seven Day/One Event Timer
  • Easily Field Programmable For Changing Store Hours
  • Battery Back-Up For Power Supply
  • GelCel Charging Battery


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