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Mark J. Berger, Securitech President

Meet Our President

Mr. Mark J. Berger has served as Chief Product Officer (CPO) and President at Securitech Group Inc. since 1983.

He holds several patents and is passionately involved in designing locking products which meet today’s emerging needs while respecting life safety codes.

Mark is the president-elect of the Door and Hardware Institute, chairs the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association’s Codes and Government Affairs committee, serves as co-chair of the ASIS School Safety and Security Council and administrator of the ASIS Physical Security Council.

The recipient of two Robert G. Ryan awards for outstanding technical article in Doors and Hardware magazine, Mark also authors a monthly column entitled “Real Openings.” He has also contributed to other publications, including Catholic School Products and the Journal of Healthcare Protection Management.

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We’re proud to provide code compliant locking solutions for markets from schools and behavioral healthcare facilities to worldwide retailers, & government institutions. Securitech’s high security door hardware offers a complete set of high quality solutions for access control, panic exit devices, forced entry solutions, and more.

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January 2016 | Health Facilities Management | Advanced Access Control Systems for Health Facilites
“Hospitals are requesting locking solutions that do not use electromagnetic locks, says Mark Berger, president and chief product officer, Securitech Group Inc., Maspeth, N.Y. “Users don’t want multiple appliances on doors, so the locks and trim must provide request-to-exit signals, door position information and latch position data, in addition to being released by the access-control or security system.” Health Facilities Management, January 6 ,2016

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November 2011 | DHI | Life Safety Needs In Behavioral Healthcare (1st Place Ryan Award)
Securitech: The Road To Anti-Ligature
Did you know that Securitech was the leading solutions provider for ligature-resistant door hardware for behavioral health facilities across the country?

Our ability to create custom locking solutions for your unique applications has lead us to many ground-breaking, technologically advanced products. Four years ago, we were approached by leading industry professionals in behavioral health. The need was for a ligature-resistant lockset that would meet several criteria. Those criteria are:

  1. Resist or reduce the risk of a patient in your facility from using the door hardware as a ligature point.
  2. Meet current ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) code compliance.
  3. Durability, so that your patients could not break the unit and use it as a weapon to harm your other patients and staff.
  4. Maintain an non-institutional or non-detention look.

In response, Securitech created the A4L LockThis lever style lock addresses the points above as follows:

1. We made the lever always free-moving in the upwards or downwards directions, regardless of the locked/unlocked status of the lockset. The 45 degree angle of the lever coupled with the tapered rose and lever allow a sheet or towel to slide off when weight is applied.

2. Since it is a lever it meets the ADA compliant code that suggests that a person should not have to pinch, twist or grasp a door hardware device in order to operate the door.

3. The durable stainless steel design prevents a patient from breaking the lever off the door and using it as a weapon. The internal stops are made of stainless steel. This prevents a patient from over-torqueing the lever and damaging the spindle. The lockset is thru-bolted to the door and has been tested to withstand a force of over 900lbs of pressure when pulled away from the door.

4 The sleek design of the lever has elevated this ligature-resistant hardware as being the preferred solution for behavioral health facilities seeking to provide a non-institutional look for their patients. The smooth operation also makes this lockset very quiet with little disturbance to patients.

So, what does all this mean to you?

While we do know that there is not nor will ever be a true 100% solution to preventing a suicide at your facility, this is one step in the right direction. This also may protect your facility from possible litigation if such an event should occur. By showing that your facility is making every effort to maintain best practices should help when faced with the legality of a sentinel event.

This solution is recommended in many industry design guides.

National Association of Psychiatric Health Systems (NAPHS) Design Guide For Built Behavioral Health Facilities

New York State Office of Mental Health Design Guide

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