Securitech, the leading go-to manufacturer of special locking solutions, has announced the launch of Ayzre, a hands-free solution for operating door levers. Ayzre was developed in response to the global call for infection control and the prevention of community spread of COVID and will allow for hygienic operation of doors with latches.

While arm and foot pulls may be added to push/pull doors and automatic opening features can be added to create powered door openings, there was no simple, hands-free solution to open doors with levers and latches, which are quite common because they are required for fire-code compliance. Understanding this, as well as the need to reduce the community spread of germs, Securitech rose to the challenge of creating a cost-effective way to allow hands-free operation of these doors.

Ayzre in Action!

Easily retrofitted and quick to install onto existing door levers, Ayzre provides an affordable, compliant, and ADA-accessible solution for facilities seeking to reduce touchpoints and improve health safety. Fitting over existing door handles, Ayzre’s ergonomic design allows users to instinctively operate the door with an elbow or arm.

Ayzre is antimicrobial, fire-rated, and is designed for use with Grade 1 cylindrical lever locks, many mortise lever locks, and exit device lever trim. Ayzre maintains full fire and life-safety code compliance and does not mar the door with new drill holes; it can be removed without any visible door alteration. The 100% mechanical hands-free attachment can be installed in under 10 minutes and comes with various inserts to ensure a tight fit to any door handle.

“We pride ourselves on our customer focus and the needs of our end-user. While we’ve built a reputation for our forced-entry and locking products, we are a solution-focused company at the end of the day,” says CEO Mark J. Berger, FDHI. “Deep down, after the storm passes, we all want to return to normal, but we also want a safer, more hygienic normal. That’s why we invented Ayzre. And an unintended benefit is that we’ve also created a terrific, long-term aid for people with disabilities to open door levers easily.”

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About Securitech:

With a hard-earned reputation as the master of forced-entry and innovative lock security solutions for over 30 years, Securitech is proud to offer Ayzre an affordable, code-compliant, intuitive, and accessible answer to infection control and prevention. Established in New York City in 1983, Securitech┬« is an independent manufacturer of high-security door locks. Securitech’s award-winning solutions are used across the US to improve forced-entry protection in a code-compliant manner. Securitech product designs are driven by the end-user’s defined needs and are recommended by security directors, architects, and loss-prevention professionals. Special functions or operating requirements can be customized to match individual location requirements.