Secure what’s most sacred.

Religious Institutions

Locking solutions to secure houses of worship.

Worshipping in a peaceful environment should be accomplished in a secure, code-compliant manner. Securitech has been providing custom solutions to churches, synagogues, and mosques for over forty years that are sensitive to the particular needs of each faith and house of worship. Safe havens for worshippers, as well as protection of valuable religious items, can be created to ensure the security of your community.


Safebolt is the fastest way to barricade a classroom door while maintaining 100% code compliance. Anyone in the room can press the red button and project a 1” stainless steel locking bolt to secure the room. Safebolt™ retrofits to existing locks, making it an affordable way to boost security.

Shabbos Maglatch™

The Shabbos model of Securitech’s Maglatch series provides both electromagnetic and mechanical locking, providing mechanical locking only when in “Shabbos” mode, while meeting all fire and life-safety codes.

Lexi Lockdown


Multi-door lockdown lock at the press of a button. Lexi Lockdown offers enhanced safety and security, allowing for exit devices in multi-door spaces to be instantly secured. While facilities may have exit devices from different manufacturers, with Lexi trim facilities can integrate access control systems and easily retrofit exit devices.


QID – Quick Intruder Deadbolt – is a fully functioning mortise lock, with the ability to lockdown at the press of a red button. Security is enhanced with a 1″” stainless steel emergency deadbolt. Providing single-motion egress and key access, QID affords occupants time to focus on sheltering in place or evacuating. The QID mortise lock is also available in an electrified version.

Securitech ACCED Access Control Exit Device


Control Trim Packages for Exit Devices. ACCED panic door hardware provides complete code compliant functionality with free egress and no special knowledge, while securing your facility against unauthorized access. 

Auto-Bolt Max™

The Auto-Bolt Max Lever and Exit Device Series provides award-winning automatic deadbolt multi-point locking protection for high-traffic door openings, for both inventory and entrance/exit doors. Maximum protection against break-ins is provided each and every time the door closes with up to 5 locking points. Available in concealed and surface applications.


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