Time Out Room Lock

Time Out/Seclusion Room Locking

Time-Out rooms were approved for use for short periods of detention. The student is to be observed at all times. In order to ensure compliance with life-safety codes and prevent locking a student in the room, “Positive Pressure” locking was developed to require the constant presence of an authorized person. Removing pressure from the paddle or lever will unlock the door. Multi-point locking protects against “break-outs” and damage to the door and frame.

Multi-Point Locking

3-Point locking keeps the door secure and resists violent patients

Stainless steel deadbolts with 1” throw

Surface mounted or concealed models

Concealed models require factory door preparation

Surface models can be retrofitted to existing doors

Supervised Or Unsupervised Models

Lockable keyed model for use where code allows

Constant supervision model requires staff member presence at door at all times

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