Sallyport Locking: RACHIE™

Designed to Meet Safety, Security & Code Needs

Standard mantraps provide “A” & “B” operation; if door “A” is open, door “B” cannot be opened, and vice-versa.

Securitech Entry and Exit Control Systems start where more than “A” & “B” are required. By using dual-locking technology, Securitech can create systems which provide operational security and meet special operational and life-safety needs.

Every Securitech Entry and Exit Control System starts with a blank piece of paper; the end-user lists all of their requirements and Securitech creates the system which fulfills those needs.

Incorporate Securitech Control Trim, Exit Devices, Electromagnetic Locks & Other Elements To Satisfy User Requirements

Multi-door Systems For Locations Such As Jewelry Stores

Expert Systems Designed For Psychiatric Secured Wards

Custom Interlocks

Boards, Relays And Transformers Can Be Serviced Or Replaced Without Removing Control Unit Or Disconnecting Wiring From Doors

All Low Voltage Wire Runs Clearly Indicated By Number And Wire Function For Easy Installation And System Testing

Printed Circuit Boards With Microprocessors Assure Trouble-Free Operation

Fail-Secure Or Fail-Safe Operation Possible On Each Side Of A Door Depending Upon Requirements

Tamper Alarms Available

Custom Pushbutton Or Keyed Consoles

Key Switches Available For System Integration

Questionnaire & Sample Elements And Operating Scenarios Available For Use In System Design

Logic Sequences Available For Use In System Creation

RA-M100 series models include electrically and key released trim, mortise locks and electromagnetic locks.
The key override is restricted by the interlock control.
RA-E100 series models include electrically and key released trim and mortise locks. The key overrides the interlock control at all times, so violations are possible.

The different systems in each series reflect the individual 

trim function at loss of power (fail-safe or fail-secure). 
RACHIETM systems provide operational and life-safety 
compliance, in addition to the standard interlock.
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