Power Transfers

Power Transfer Devices

Securitech power transfer devices, such as electrified hinges, mini-hinges, door cords, panic bar retrofit cords, and our infamous  YAMAKA™ assist in the secure transfer of power and data from the frame to the electrified door hardware, locks and exit devices.

An inexpensive method of transferring up to 8 wires where aesthetics and vandalism are not great concerns. Features stainless steel armored cable. For use on hollow metal or aluminum doors.

DC1-18 18”Loop; Stainless Steel Cable
DC1-24 24” Loop; Stainless Steel Cable
Available in Aluminum (A) or Duronodic (D) finish

An armored cable to be installed below the panic bar when adding a LEXI™­ trim to an existing bar. Package includes wire, mounting clips for under bar and steel clips for mounting to the frame.

PTC-48 For doors up to 36”; Stainless Steel Cable
PTC-60 For doors up to 48”; Stainless Steel Cable

Geared continuous hinges are used on high-traffic doors. Geared mini-hinges may be added to existing doors when electrified trim is used. The entire hinge need not be replaced. The top 1-1/2” is removed and the minihinge installed in its place. Mini-hinges are much friendlier to installers than full-length electrified hinges. A serviceman can check connections without removing the entire door when a mini-hinge is used.

ECHFM-R Mortise; Matches Roton 780-112 (avail. w/ 4 or 6 wires)
ECHFM-Z Mortise; Matches Zero 910 (available with 4 or 6 wires)
ECHFS-R Surface; Matches Roton 780-157 (4 wires)
ECHFS-Z Surface; Matches Zero 935 (4 wires)
ECHHS-R Surface; Matches Roton 780-054 (4 wires)
ECHHS-Z Surface; Matches Zero 920 (4 wires)
Available in Aluminum (A) or Duronodic (D) finish

The cleanest method of transferring power from the frame where the door is hung by hinges. Recommended for new construction or retrofit into frames without concrete. Available in 4, 6, 8 or 10 wire models. See price list for available sizes. Optional door position switch provides valuable information to access control system.

EH4040-626-4 4 wires, 4” tall, 4” wide; Satin Chrome Finish
EH4540-626-4 4 wires, 4.5” tall, 4” wide; Satin Chrome Finish
EH4545-626-4 4 wires, 4.5” tall, 4.5” wide; Satin Chrome Finish
EH5045-626-4 4 wires, 5” tall, 4.5” wide; Satin Chrome Finish
EH5050-626-4 4 wires, 5” tall, 5” wide; Satin Chrome Finish

An innovative method for hollow metal, aluminum (YMK-20) or wood doors (YMK-21). The module (A.) mounts in the top of the door, with the spring loaded tips protruding above the door. As the door closes, the tips make contact with the transfer plate (B.) which is mounted to the frame. Tested for 1 million cycles. Not for Fail-Safe applications.

YMK-20 Mounts on top of door, flat plate onto header, for hollow metal or aluminum doors
YMK-21 Mounts in frame, flat plate on door, for wood doors
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