MP Police Lock 4800™

Maximum Protection Against Break-Ins

The typical break-in occurs when a burglar tries to pry the door from the frame at the lock area. Securitech’s multi-point locking system defeats this method by protecting the door like a bank vault. Use this surface applied multi-point door hardware on retrofit or new construction solution in stock rooms, computer rooms, safe rooms, utility closets, firearms storage rooms, remote buildings and other non emergency doors.

Bolts The Door To The Frame At Up To 4 Independent Locations

Easy Operation: One Turn Of The Key Or Interior Knob Projects Or Retracts All Of The Bolts Simultaneously

Easy To Install On Any Solid Door

4″ Laminated Steel Bolts On Inswing Models Project Into Steel Strike Brackets Mounted On The Frame

5″ Long, 5/8 Diameter Stainless Steel Deadbolts On Outswing Doors Bolts Into The Frame

Dustproof Strike Provided For Rounded Lower Bolt On All 5-Point Models

 Basic Model Options

1.  Locking Points 4840 4-Point Locking (2 Vertical 2 Horizontal)
4820 2-Point Locking (Horizontal)
4822 2-Point Locking (Vertical)
4831 3-Point Locking (2-Vertical, 1 Horizontal)
4832 3-Point Locking (Top Vertical, 2 Horizontal)

4833 3-Point Locking (2 Horizontal, Lower Vertical

 2. Deadbolts  Swing of the door (In or Out) determines the deadbolt type.  A Inswinging Door: (3 square bolts & round lower bolt) Outswing Door: (4 round bolts) C Special square deadbolt model for outswing doors

3. Interior Operators  TT Thumbturn LT Elongated Turnpiece CO Keyed Cylinder

4. Exterior Guardplates  XX No Exterior Guard Plate or Operation  BG “BestGuard™” guard plate for removable core cylinder HG “HardGuard™” guard plate for standard cylinder SG “Securiguard™” guard plate for standard rim cylinder, mounted on stainless steel SR “Securiguard™” guard plate Removable Bay  TG   ThumbGuard 

 5. Door Size 37   For Doors Up to 36″ wide & 84″ tall 38   For Doors Up to 36″ wide & 96″ tall 47   For Doors Up To 48″ wide & 84″ tall 48   For Doors Up To 48″ wide & 96″ tall

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