Retrofits All Major Lock Manufacturers’ Door Hardware For Universal Access Control Solution
LEXI™ Trim

Use the LEXI across a campus, school system, or other institutional facility with many different exit devices. It retrofits all major lock manufacturers’ exit devices and existing door hardware. Additionally, LEXI’s are electrified within the trim, no need for an electrified strike.

Mounting Plate & Operator

Give your doors an architectural unformed look without changing all of the existing exit device hardware.

Retrofitting our LEXI Control Trim to various exit devices is made possible by Securitech Mounting Plates & Operators (MP&O). Each MP&O is created specifically with a certain exit device in mind. Contact us if you find that we do not have a MP&O for your device.

Easy Installation To Existing Doors

Doesn’t require cutting into frame for electric strike

Mounting Plates & Operators designed to mate with existing exit devices of various lock manufacturers

Universal Mounting Plates for Rim Cylinder (Nightlatch) Replacement

Easy “No Special Knowledge” Operation 

Unlock the lever by key, card access, keypad, intercom, push-button or other release

Slip Clutch Lever Handle

Stands up to abuse; will break away when forced; easily reset by just lifting up

Stainless Steel Lever

Durable rugged one-piece construction

Meets ADA code compliance

Dual Point Cylinder Holder

The cylinder is fastened to the trim with locking arms extending into a groove on each side of the cylinder

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