Integra™ Lock

Police & Government Tested And Approved

Integra-Lock is an internally-mounted 4-point locking system. One turn of the knob or key sends steel deadbolts through the door and intro the frame- bolting the door at four independent locations.

All the bolts retract with just one turn of the knob or key. The cylinder is protected from attack by a multi-layered guard plate, including a hardened steel layer.

Protection Against Break-Ins Hardened steel deadbolts bolt the door to the frame and saddle at all four sides One turn of the knob or keys locks or unlocks all the deadbolts simultaneously Deadbolts project 1″ from the door and into the frame and saddle

Discreet Multi-Point Locking Rods travel within the door for aesthetic multi-point locking

Easy Operation Geared mechanism ensures reliability

Police and Government Approved Approved by NY City Fire Department for use on classroom doors UL Listed for forced entry

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