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Safe and secure with the press of a button. Empower anyone in the classroom to lockdown instantly.

Securitech: Masters of Multi-Point Locking

We’re proud of our hard-earned reputation as the leading “Go-To” American Manufacturer for special locking solutions

Secure Students At The Press Of A Button

The quickest & most secure way to protect our staff & students in classrooms, lecture halls, and auditoriums

Proven Solutions For Today's Behavioral Healthcare

Ligature resistant locks, over-the-door alarms, seclusion room, & sallyport locking hardware

Protect Your High-Value Assets

Securitech’s multi-point locking systems are customizable to meet end-user goals

Safe Haven Solutions

Securitech’s lockdown solutions offer the broadest selection of instant lockdown and safe haven products


High-Security Door Hardware

Renowned for its groundbreaking innovations in multipoint and deadbolt locking, Securitech prides itself in being America’s leading “Go-To” high-security door hardware manufacturer, meeting the strictest of standards and developing specialized solutions for customers.

From schools and behavioral healthcare facilities to worldwide retailers, government institutions, and infrastructure, Securitech’s proven lock security solutions provide for a unique niche across industries and markets.

Watch An Attempted Break-In Stopped By Securitech.

Featured Products


Securitech’s TRIDENT multi-point locking solution, secures doors to the frame, like that of a bank vault. Projecting up to 5 points each time the door closes, the TRIDENT stops intruders at the door. 


Shielded in a durable, nylon polymer sheathing, SAFEBOLT is an easy-to-install and affordable alternative to replacing cylindrical locksets.

Designed for spaces like classrooms and offices, Safebolt is the fastest way to barricade a door while maintaining 100% code compliance. Anyone in the room can press the red button and project a 1” stainless steel locking bolt to secure the room. Safebolt™ retrofits to existing locks, making it an affordable way to boost security.


QID is a fully functioning mortise lock, with the ability to lockdown at the press of a red button. Security is enhanced with a 1″” stainless steel emergency deadbolt. Providing single-motion egress and key access, QID affords occupants time to focus on sheltering in place or evacuating.

Although easily locked down, room occupants are never locked in. A single motion from inside retracts the deadbolt. Fully code-compliant, staff and first responders can unlock from the outside using a key.The QID mortise lock is also available in an electrified version.


Durable. Affordable. Easy to Install.
Security you can count on.


Securitech’s QID™: Quick Intruder Deadbolt Lock won Campus Safety’s 2019 BEST Award in 2 award categories!

“Locks and Door Hardware” & “Access Control, Lockdown and Physical Security Equipment”


Code- Compliant SAFEBOLT™ is designed for classrooms which are generally locked by key from the exterior and retrofits to existing cylindrical level locks, making it simple and affordable to install.

LEXI™ Lockdown

LEXI™ Lockdown offers enhanced safety and security in larger multi-door spaces, retrofitting existing exit devices. While the multi-door lockdown lock functions as an everyday passage lock in the day, the exit devices can be deadbolted in case of an emergency.


Securitech, the leader in multi-point locking, has answered the call for multi-point locking with automatic locking function on high-traffic doors. Designed for locations accessible by staff and the public alike, AUTO-BOLT’”MAX offers maximum protection against break-ins combined with a simple unlock action.


SAFEBOLT Wins: SIA 2019 New Product Showcase award winner

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – The Security Industry Association (SIA) has named Securitech as an award winner at the 2019 SIA New Product Showcase Awards, the flagship awards program at ISC West recognizing innovative security products, services and solutions.  Securitech was...

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Barricade Devices – What You Need To Know

Barricade Devices - What You Need To Know January 10, 2019|SCHOOL SAFETY As of 2019 according to the Washington Post, more than 220,000 students have experienced gun violence at school since Columbine. In its aftermath, public outrage has led to many conversations and...

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How to Achieve a Safe School Design: Door Hardware

Philosophically, we want students to feel comfortable and at home in their classroom. A large percentage of their week is spent in this environment.  Whatever we develop to secure them should not violate this and negatively impact their learning environment. We must...

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School Security: The Dangers of Non-Compliance

Many secondary locking products violate code and should not be deployed in schools – find alternatives for your K-12 customers RON BAER SEPTEMBER 13, 2018    In this era of school security awareness and the search for viable solutions, you have undoubtedly seen –...

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The Standards Are Coming

Standards are our way of selecting products that we know will meet our needs as well as relevant codes and safety regulations. Standards must evolve to meet emerging needs. Classroom lock standards have evolved over the last 100 years, but there haven’t been too many...

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Classroom Locks Increase Security, Safety and Peace of Mind

Located in the small residential Long Island town of Locust Valley, NY, Friends Academy is an independent Quaker school offering K-12 education to approximately 780 students each year. Founded in 1876 when businessman Gideon Frost purchased six acres of land for the...

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