On The Road Again…

It’s great to be back on the road – just ask Securitech’s Bill Nelson, VP of Sales, and David Klein, Business Development Manager. You can’t blame them for being eager to share Securitech’s locking solutions with the world. David showed off our Behavioral Healthcare products at Healthcare Design Expo & Conference in Cleveland, and Bill shared Securitech’s high security locking systems in Las Vegas at MJBizCon, one of the country’s largest conferences for the Cannabis industry.

Pictured above, you’ll find Bill with Tony Gallo of Sapphire Risk, at MJBizCon.

Ready To Launch: Sneak Preview of The Auto-Bolt Max™ Exit Device Series

As Securitech is readying for the formal launch of the Auto-Bolt Max Exit Device, we thought we would give you a sneak preview of things to come. With the ABM Exit Device Series, Securitech takes its award-winning automatic multi-point locking to a new level. Ideal for high-traffic exits, and available in double door applications, the ABM Exit Device Series ensures maximum protection against break-ins with up to 5 points of deadbolt locking protection. A single action of the touchbar retracts all bolts simultaneously, meeting life-safety, accessibility, and fire codes. Check out the new Auto-Bolt Max brochure here.

Protecting Facilities – One Brick At A Time

Thank you to Ryan Shields of Rhyno Systems, LLC for this video of a would-be burglar attempting to break in to a facility protected by Securitech using a brick. Clearly he hasn’t seen the video of our Trident™ defeating a truck! Watch the video and see a Securitech lock defeat a criminal in under 30 seconds!