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High-Security Multi-Point Locking

Securitech is the leading manufacturer of code-compliant, multi-point locking hardware, having been the first company in America to design such locks for American doors and standards. Multi-point locking is an innovative means of protecting your most valuable assets and spaces. The typical break-in occurs when a burglar tries to pry the door from the frame at the lock area. Securitech’s multi-point locking system defeats this method by projecting deadbolts at known areas of weakness for doors, reinforcing door strength and protecting the door like a bank vault.


Automatic deadbolt multi-point locking with automatic locking function for high-traffic doors, offering maximum protection against break-ins combined with a simple unlock action.


Offering maximum protection at the lock edge, the stainless steel deadbolts project one full inch into the frame, while a hinge-side bolt protects the door against hinge-side attacks. Trident’s multi-point locks bottom locking module bolts into the frame instead of into the floor, reducing the risk of malfunctioning.

Trident MD™

The highest level of forced entry protection with 5 points of pry-resistant 1″ stainless steel deadbolts located at door’s weak points, reinforcing and strengthening the door, and automatically deadbolt locking into the frame each time the door closes.

MP™ 48

Securitech’s MP48 series defeats potential intruders by projecting multiple deadbolts into the frame. MP’s surface applied multi-point door hardware can be used on retrofit or new construction solution in stock rooms, computer rooms, safe rooms, utility closets, firearms storage rooms, remote buildings and other non-emergency doors.


Multi-point mortise locks provide safety & security in one lockset. The traditional lock operation (key, thumbturn or lever retraction) operates all the deadlocks simultaneously. The wide variety of available functions meet almost any need.

Time Out Room™ and Seclusion Rooms

Seclusion Room Multi-Point Locking. Two models, created for use in healthcare settings for temporary patient restraint or for school settings for short periods of detention. 

MP™ 4900

MP 4900 invisibly adds multi-point deadbolt protection to standard alarmed exit lock operations. Code compliant, it requires no special knowledge to operate and does not impede exiting.


Safety and Security in One Action. Multi-Bolt can function as a single point lock during the day, yet a single flip of the turnpiece provides multi-point protection at the end of the day or lockdown at any time.


Auxiliary Multi-Point Lock. Integra-Lock is an internally-mounted 4-point locking system. One turn of the knob or key sends steel deadbolts through the door and intro the frame- bolting the door at four independent locations.


Motorized multi-point locking. Ideal for access control integration, Mota provides for 4 point locking via stationary deadbolt. Can be set for daytime open hours and automatic locking at end-of-day. 


Securitech’s Auto-Bolt™ automatic deadbolt lock projection locksets are trigger activated. When the trigger hits the strike, up to three stainless steel deadbolts project into the frame.


Exit locking system that deadbolts both sides of the door. As with all Securitech exit devices, Serpent has code-compliant single motion exiting.


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