Securing your residential property.

Multi-Family Residences

Innovative Access Control for Residential Buildings.

Break-ins at multi-family residences, affect more than just the tenants. For property managers and owners, installing the proper hardware to ensure access control pays off in dividends.

ARTE™: Advanced Request-To-Exit

Code-compliant release of electromagnetic locks. Eliminates the need for push-button, IR sensors & other magnetic releases.


Complete Control Trim Packages for both mortise and cylindrical lock body options. Electrified Lever Trim.

LEXI™ Control Trim

Retrofit control trim for exit devices. Use the LEXI across facilities with different exit devices to create a uniform aesthetic. It retrofits all major lock manufacturers’ exit devices and existing door hardware.


ELECTROLATCH operates as if it were a mechanical lockset. Depress the interior lever to exit. To enter, use the key to release the exterior lever momentarily. An access control system or intercom would energize the solenoid and allow entry by depress the lever.


Reliable, automatic locking for high traffic doors, with a durable construction to match. Electrically released trim ideal for narrow-stile aluminum doors.


An integrated locking system featuring positive latching and electromagnetic locking for “Dual Locking.” The Maglatch System provides for 2 locking points with no special knowledge egress. Ideal for areas where Access Control, Safety and Security are required. 


Install Rachie’s dual-locking technology on mantraps or sally ports to control access to multiple-door passageways, creating systems that provide operation security and meet special operational and life-safety needs.


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