MP4900™ Exit Police Lock.

The Legal Way To Lock Emergency Exit Doors

Alarmed Exit Police Locks were created to provide both safety and notification. Certain doors also needed protection against forced entry (security). It violates codes to add locks, burglar bars or any additional bolts to a door that would impede exiting or require “Special Knowledge” to operate.

MP4900™ Exit Police Lock solves the Safety & Security problem by invisibly adding multi-point deadbolt protection to the standard alarmed exit lock operation. New Fire-Rated exit device models allow installation on interior doors.

You don’t have to break the law or put people at risk to protect against break-ins.

Heavy Duty Paddle

  • Toughest paddle in the industry offers durability and easy to read label

Optional Exterior Operation/Trim

  • Stainless steel guard plate for manual locking models
  • Vandal resistant lever trim for self-locking models
  • Key and/or electric release available

Anti-Pry Protection

  • Laminated thru-bolt plates for top & bottom deadbolts
  • Stainless steel anti-pry thru-bolt plate for primary deadbolt

Power Supplies & Alarms

All Securitech exit devices are available with or without alarms. Options include battery or direct power with battery backup, local or remote sirens, single door power supplies or units which can operate multiple doors, custom alarms, power supplies, consoles, or other elements can be created to meet special notification needs.


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