Code-Compliant Release Action Allows Use Of Electromagnetic Lock.

MAGLATCH™ is an integrated locking system featuring positive latching and electromagnetic locking for “Dual Locking.” 

MAGLATCH™ allows for the code compliant use of an electromagnetic lock, while providing code-required positive latching. This dual locking is a “Belt & Suspenders” approach to securing apartment building entrance doors.

Retracting the exterior or interior lever releases both locks simultaneously providing easy “No special knowledge” operation and 100% code compliance.

MAGLATCH’s patented design creates the most rugged and durable lock for high-traffic and vandal-prone locations.

The standard exterior lever trim is fail-secure. Re-entry models are available for stairwells.

Ideal for areas where Access Control, Safety and Security are required.

Maglatch’s Code-Compliant Release Action Allows Use Of Electromagnetic Locking

  • Dual Locking Principle Provides Locked Door In The Event Of Power Failure
  • Reliability Protects Against “Negligent Security” Lawsuits
  • Electric Release Within Trim Instead Of Strike Offers Greater Durability And Vandal-Resistance
  • Durable Design Of Trim, Levers, Simple Strike & Electromagnet Withstand Abuse In The Roughest Neighborhoods
  • Reduced Service And Maintenance Costs Due To Patented Design
  • Single Action Release Of Latch & Electromagnetic Lock (Invisible Magnet Action)
  • Vandal-Resistant LeverEx™ Slip-Clutch Within Stainless Steel Exterior Lever Handle Breaks Away When Forced Without Damage
  • Thermasol™ Solenoid Cuts-Off Automatically If There Is A Stuck Button On The Intercom
  • Switches Within Trim Units Invisibly Release The Electromagnetic Lock
  • Mortise Latch Lock Physically Locks The Door Each Time It Closes For Fail-Secure Protection
  • Patented Quick-Switch Cylinder Change Method And Removable Spindle For Easy Service

Ideal For

  • Apartment Building Entrances
  • Card Access Controlled Doors
  • Public Housing Entrances/Exits
  • Office Building Stairwell Doors


Available for use on all products.


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