LEXI™ Lockdown

Multi-door lockdown lock at the press of a button.

Similar to the innovative QID™, Quick Intruder Deadbolt Lock, the LEXI™ Lockdown (ELDS) offers enhanced safety and security in larger multi-door spaces. While the multi-door lockdown lock functions as an everyday passage lock in the day, the exit devices can be deadbolted in case of an emergency.

The intruder defense system signals green, white, and red to easily distinguish the lock’s status from afar. The LEXI™ trim retrofits all major manufacturers, allowing for a consistent and sleek aesthetic exterior lever. The LEXI™ Lockdown is 100% code compliant and focuses on the life safety and security of the occupants inside the room. Can be applied as a School, University, and Office Security System.

Mounting Plate & Operator
Retrofitting our LEXI Control Trim to various exit devices is made possible by Securitech® Mounting Plates & Operators (MP&O). Each MP&O is created specifically with a certain exit device in mind. We are always creating new MP&O’s if you find that we do not have a MP&O for your device, please contact Securitech.

The MP&O is mounted to the back of the LEXI Control Trim. This is bolted through the door to the exit device allowing the trim and device to work simultaneously.


No scrambling to find the key, and lock multiple doors, simply press the red button above the exit device, pressing the pendant, or by pressing the emergency lockdown button in case of an emergency.

Easy Installation To Existing Doors
Does not require cutting into frame for electric strike.

Easy “No Special Knowledge” Operation
Unlock the lever by key, card access, keypad, intercom, push-button or other release.

Slip Clutch Lever Handle
Stands up to abuse; will break-away when forced; easily reset by just lifting up.

Stainless Steel Lever
Durable, rugged one-piece construction. Meets ADA Code.

Dual Point Cylinder Holder
The cylinder is fastened to the trim with locking arms extending into a groove on each side of the cylinder.


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