Electrically Released Trim & Latch Lock

ELECTROLATCH™ operates as if it were a mechanical lockset. Depress the interior lever to exit. To enter, use the key to release the exterior lever momentarily. An access control system or intercom would energize the solenoid and allow entry by depress the lever.

The electric release solenoid is within the trim, not the strike plate, for maximum vandal-resistance and durability.

ELECTROLATCH’s patented design creates the most rugged and durable lock for high-traffic and vandal-prone locations.

  • Electric Release In The Trim, Not The Strike
  • No Moving Parts In The Strike Plate To Wear Out
  • Operates Standard Size Heavy-Duty Mortise Lock With Deadlatch
  • Vandal-Resistant LeverEx™ Slip-Clutch Within Stainless Steel Exterior Lever Handle Breaks Away When Forced Without Damage
  • Code Compliant Release Action Meets ADA Requirements
  • Works With All Access Control & Intercom Systems
  • Reduced Service And Maintenance Costs Due To Patented Design
  • Easy Retrofit To Existing Doors
  • Thermasol™ Solenoid Cuts-Off Automatically If There Is A Stuck Button On The Intercom
  • Patented Quick-Switch Cylinder Change Method And Removable Spindle For Easy Service
  • Lever Movement Restrictors Prolong Life Of Mortise Lock By Reducing Wear & Tear

Ideal For

  • Apartment Building Entrances
  •  Card Access Controlled Doors
  • Public Housing Entrances/Exits


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