Maximum break-in protection with full code compliance.

Cannabis Locking Solutions for Grow, Dispensary and Recreational Facilities.

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Protect Cannabis and Marijuana facilities from break-ins with Securitech’s award-winning multi-point locking systems.

Standard commercial locks and exit devices (non-residential) are not strong enough to withstand crowbars and other attacks. Our multi-point locking systems bolts the door to the frame at up to 5 different locations, the same principle as bank vault locks.


Confidently Protect: Inventory Rooms, Back Doors, Entrances and other Critical Doors from forced entry.

Cannabis Security Locking Solutions

State-of-the-art multi-point locking options:

Exit Locks, Exit Devices, Lever Locks, Electric Release & Signaling, Auxiliary Locks

Trident Multi-Point Lock Securitech

Highest Level of Protection Against Forced Entry for Exit Doors

Securitech’s Trident™ has been protecting America’s pharmaceutical and retail market for over 20 years with thousands installed across the country offering the highest level of protection against forced entry with automatic deadbolt locking each time the door closes.

Exit-Only Doors
Low-Traffic Exits

Award Winning Multi-Point Locking

Designed for high-traffic openings, storage rooms, inventory rooms, and other doors, and has up to 5 points of deadbolt locking protection. The Auto-Bolt Max is fully compatible with standard, high‐security and restricted key systems (mortise cylinder). The optional electric release integrates with all access control systems.

High-Traffic Entry and Exit Doors
Inventory and Storage Rooms

Inventory Room & Secondary Door Lock Applications

The typical break-in occurs when a burglar tries to pry the door from the frame at the lock area. Multi-point locking defeats this method by protecting the door from all sides of the frame, similar to a bank vault. The 48MD is an ideal solution for stock rooms, safe rooms, utility closets, remote buildings, and other non-emergency doors.

Inventory Applications: Grow Houses, Retail

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