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Securitech’s 1Solution

Securitech’s 1Solution Control Trim simplifies Electric Locking, providing an effective way of interfacing electric release with mechanical locking ideal to retrofit to existing doors. The electric release has been moved from the electric strike to the lever handle trim. Securitech’s Control Trim offers one solution for doors with mortise and cylindrical locks and rim, vertical, mortise, and aluminum door exit devices. And, 1Solution is the first uniform electric locking solution for all doors with mortise locks, cylindrical locks, or exit devices.

Control Trim is key activated and electrically-released lever handle trim which can be released by any access control system of remote release and can have internal switches, activated by lever movement, which send request-to-exit signals and can release electromagnetic locks invisibly. Control Trim uses electric release solenoids with low current draw, allowing easy access control system integration without special power supplies.


Increased Durability: The solenoid is protected inside the trim, and therefore is not suscepticalble to abuse which afflicts electric strike plates.

Increased Vandal-Resistance: The stainless steel one-piece strike plate is less susceptible to vandals and wear-and-tear than electrified strikes with moving parts.

Increased Ease-of-Operation: The lever is not damaged when people pull on the door while waiting to get buzzed in.

Easier Installation: Special frame preparation (required by electric strikes) is not required for electric control trim. Units are provided with standard mortise latch locks or can work with other manufacturer’s mortise locks. Models are also available for use with most exit devices and cylindrical locksets.

Control Trim Model Terms

Electrolatch™: Securitech’s term for Electrically-Released Trim Electric Release

ELECTRA™, for mortise and cylindrical locks (Regular & Narrow-Stile)

LEXI™, for retrofitting to existing exit devices

ACCED™, for exit devices (Rim, CVR, SVR, Mortise)

RACHIE™, for double-sided electric release

Securitech’s Control Trim offers:

Easy Operation

Easier Installation Than Electric Strikes

Easy Selection

Easy Nomenclature for Specification

Easy Maintenance

Easy Access Control Integration

Hassle-Free Simpler Code Compliance Than Electromagnetic Locks


Greater Durability & Reliability Than Electric Latch Retraction or Electrified Locks

Intelligent Signaling

“No Special Knowledge” Exiting With Ordinary Door Lock Operation

Lecture Halls
Office Buildings

Products You May Be Interested In:

QID™: Quick Intruder Deadbolt Lock

Securitech School Intruder Protection QID QAL SPELL

One simple push ofthe red button below the lever assures the teacher that their door is properly secured.


Securitech Securiguard Concealed Cylinder Protection

Concealing the key cylinder to resist vandalism, bumping and unauthorized key use.


Mortise & Cylindrical Locks

(Regular & Narrow-Stile) Installs in existing mortise or cylindrical preparations.

Includes Interior and Exterior Trim.


Retrofit To Existing Exit Devices

Mounting Plates & Operators designed to mate with existing exit devices of many different manufacturers. Universal mounting plates for Rim Cylinder (Nightlatch) Replacement.

Exterior Trim.


Exit Devices (Rim, CVR, SVR, Mortise)

Rim, Surface Vertical Rod, Concealed Vertical Rod & Mortise Models. Integrated wiring within exit device.

Complete Exit Device With Exterior Trim.


Double-Sided Electric Release

Mortise or Cylindrical Models. Used with Interlocks, Mantraps, and Sallyports.

Key & Electric Release Trim On Both Sides Of The Door.


GG Trim Style

Electrical Architectural Design For All Applications

Offers durability, vandal resistance, and sleek finish available in most common plated finishes


UG Trim Style


Designed to take a beating, the UG trim provides the highest lever of security where aesthetics are not the primary concern

LDT™ Option

Lock Device Trim

Control trim for use with storefront door deadbolt locks.

Access control & Keyed Entry Convenience


Electric Control Trim & Signal Lock Option

From lever controlled electromagnet release to simple electrically-released trim to sophisticated entry and exit control systems, Securitech has the electric locking solution

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