How to Achieve a Safe School Design: Door Hardware

Philosophically, we want students to feel comfortable and at home in their classroom. A large percentage of their week is spent in this environment.  Whatever we develop to secure them should not violate this and negatively impact their learning environment. We must...

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School Security: The Dangers of Non-Compliance

Many secondary locking products violate code and should not be deployed in schools – find alternatives for your K-12 customers RON BAER SEPTEMBER 13, 2018    In this era of school security awareness and the search for viable solutions, you have undoubtedly seen –...

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The Standards Are Coming

Standards are our way of selecting products that we know will meet our needs as well as relevant codes and safety regulations. Standards must evolve to meet emerging needs. Classroom lock standards have evolved over the last 100 years, but there haven’t been too many...

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Classroom Locks Increase Security, Safety and Peace of Mind

Located in the small residential Long Island town of Locust Valley, NY, Friends Academy is an independent Quaker school offering K-12 education to approximately 780 students each year. Founded in 1876 when businessman Gideon Frost purchased six acres of land for the...

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