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Hardware Solutions For Today’s Behavioral Healthcare Environment

As innovators in locking solutions, we understand that the one thing that’s more

important than the doors we secure is what’s behind them. In the case of behavioral

healthcare, not only must we protect from the outside, but from the inside as well.

That’s why we offer a range of hardware and devices specifically made to do just that.

Securitech’s Behavioral Healthcare Line was created in 2007 through a joint effort between Securitech, industry professionals, and the New York State Office of Mental Health. The industry was in desperate need of an ADA-compliant solution that was also ligature resistant. Securitech’s Ligature Resistant door hardware was reviewed by the VA National Center for Patient Safety Department and was quickly included in the VA’s Mental Health Environment of Care Checklist. Securitech’s Ligature Resistant Hardware has also been included in the National Association of Psychiatric Health System’s Design Guide for the Built Environment of Behavioral Health Facilities.

Thousands of Securitech door alarm and locking devices have been installed in VA Medical Centers, state psychiatric hospitals, mental health and rehabilitation facilities, detention facilities, and private facilities across the country.

The best solutions always come from the customer and Securitech is here to make those solutions happen.

Securitech A4L Behavioral Healthcare Solutions


Ligature Resistant Lever Locksets.

The A4L door hardware series is Securitech’s unique solution for ADA-compliance in mental health facilities. This innovation is the first ADA compliant ligature resistant lever handle, designed in collaboration with the nation’s best behavioral healthcare consultants. Works with traditional mortise or cylindrical openings, maintains a low profile with a smooth appearance and easy operation.

over the door sensor alarm for hospitals


Top of the door sensor coverage. 

Provide medical staff continuous detection and notification with DAISY™ top of the door alarm sensor to reduce ligature dangers. Nationally recognized as the leading product of its class, the DAISY ligature warning sensor system provides an aesthetically pleasing curved design, and is used in conjunction with a smooth full length anti-ligature continuous hinge


5-Point Ligature Resistant Locksets.

Securitech’s patented ligature-resistant ovoid knob  door hardware provides the highest level of anti-tie, 5-point protection, while respecting the goal of providing aesthetic hardware. This aids the creation of a tranquil behavioral healthcare environment for patients. The architectural design, combined with the unique tapering, remain the industry standards for safety.

Time out room/Seclusion room lock


Quiet or Seclusion Rooms require effective locking solutions to withstand the force of a patient attempting to break out of the room. Temporary restraint multi-point locking spreads the force across the door and frame at top, center and bottom of the door, and is best suited for environments with adults and large children. Single-point deadbolt locking for time out/seclusion rooms would be acceptable with smaller or less potentially violent patients.


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