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Automatic Deadbolt Products

Secure doors and peace of mind.

Ensuring your space’s continued security can prove to be a challenge. Securitech’s line of automatic deadbolt locking solutions helps eliminate the risks posed by human error and provides peace of mind, while providing the highest levels of security and code compliance. 


Securitech’s Auto-Bolt™ automatic deadbolt lock projection locksets are trigger activated. When the trigger hits the strike, up to three stainless steel deadbolts project into the frame.

Auto-Bolt Max™

The Auto-Bolt Max Lever and Exit Device Series provides award-winning automatic deadbolt multi-point locking protection for high-traffic door openings, for both inventory and entrance/exit doors. Maximum protection against break-ins is provided each and every time the door closes with up to 5 locking points. Available in concealed and surface applications.


Offering maximum protection at the lock edge, the stainless steel deadbolts project one full inch into the frame, while a hinge-side bolt protects the door against hinge-side attacks. Trident’s multi-point locks bottom locking module bolts into the frame instead of into the floor, reducing the risk of malfunctioning.

Trident™ MD

The highest level of forced entry protection with 5 points of pry-resistant 1″ stainless steel deadbolts located at door’s weak points, reinforcing and strengthening the door, and automatically deadbolt locking into the frame each time the door closes.


Exit locking system that deadbolts both sides of the door. As with all Securitech exit devices, Serpent has code-compliant single motion exiting.


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