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Securitech’s apartment entrance locks withstand tough abuse in vandal-prone locations. As New York City’s #1 Apartment Entrance Locks, we ensure safety and security against vandalism, bumping, and unauthorized use in high-traffic areas.


Maglatch is an integrated locking system featuring positive latching and electromagnetic locking for ‘dual locking.’ Retracting the exterior or interior lever releases both locks simultaneously providing easy “no special knowledge” operation and code compliance. Maglatch is designed to create the most rugged and durable lock for high-traffic and vandal-prone locations.


Electrolatch™ operates as if it were a mechanical lockset. Depress the interior lever to exit. To enter, use the key to release the exterior lever momentarily. An access control system or intercom would energize the solenoid or intercom would energize the solenoid and allow entry by depressing the lever.


Enduralatch™ lever trim retracts a heavy-duty latch for easy-exiting. The exterior lever is unlocked by key or electric release from an intercom, card access, etc. Enduralatch has been designed to bring the principles of heavy-duty locking to narrow stile aluminum doors.


Designed for doors with mortise and cylindrical preps, Securitech’s lock body options allow for installation on different types of doors, including steel, wood, narrow stile aluminum or gates. Complete lock packages include all hardware.


Securiguard’s concealed cylinder solution resists vandalism, bumping & other unauthorized key use. This unique solutions is designed to fit over removable core or standard cylinders. The slding shield that covers the cylinder can be raised and lowered via special magnetic key. This solutions prevents vandalism by Krazy Glue and “bump keys” cannot be used.

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