Multi-Bolt™ 5000

Full Function High-Security Mortise Lock

5000 series is a method of multi-point deadbolt locking and is customizable; operable as a single or multi-point lock. Available with a variety of bolt configurations, the 5000 series multi-point lock fastens the door to the frame like a bank vault lock, offering discreet protection with its deadbolts concealed within the door.

Specify The Right Level Of Security

51XX     Single Point
52XX     Primary T& Top Deadbolts
52xx-V Top & Bottom Vertical Deadbolts
53XX     Primary & Both Vertical Deadbolts
54XX     Primary, Vertical Bolts & Hinge Side Stationary Deadbolt 

Meets FEMA 361, 320 & NSSA ICC 500

Superior Protection Against Break-Ins In One Lockset

Complete Code Compliance

  • Just one motion retracts all the deadbolts simultaneously
  • Meets ADA & local requirements for single motion exiting


  • 5/8″ Dia. 5″ Long stainless steel vertical deadbolts with 1″ projection
  • Lock body fits into standard ANSI mortise lock preparation
  • Elevated edge plates eliminate need for special preparation in vertically stiffened hollow metal doors
  • Accepts 1 1/4″ length mortise cylinders (standard & High-Security)
  • Exterior lever contains vandal-resistant slip clutch

Wide Variety of Standard & Custom Functions to Meet Specific Locking Requirements


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