Where many see challenges, Securitech sees opportunities. This has been not only a guiding principle in product development for Securitech, but also a way of doing business – no matter the climate. It is this approach that led Will Christensen from Locksmith Ledger International magazine to interview Securitech’s CEO, Mark Berger.

CEO Mark Berger at Securitech's facilities in Queens, NY
CEO Mark Berger at Securitech’s facilities in Queens

In a time of unprecedented political, economic, social, and international challenges, many are looking to the security industry to understand how security professionals have weathered 2020 and what lies ahead in 2021. Many businesses shut down their physical locations in favor of going entirely remote, others saw a need to enhance the security and safety of their facilities in the immediate or near-immediate future, and others, such as government facilities, confronted entirely new security challenges.

Facing the one-year anniversary of quarantine and social distancing measures, Securitech was no exception to the hardships many companies have been facing during the pandemic. As an essential business with a factory and offices headquartered in New York City, Securitech was not only challenged to meet new and evolving COVID health and safety guidelines in one of the hardest-hit areas of the country; it was also challenged to meet the unique needs of its customers.

Built on the principle of providing solutions to meet customer’s unique needs, Securitech saw the opportunity to expand, revise, and adapt its product offerings as it implemented safety measures within its own workspaces. In this piece, Mark speaks on the impact of 2020 on the security industry, how Securitech itself has managed production and safety throughout the pandemic, and what the next normal will look like in 2021.

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