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The quickest & most secure way to protect our staff & students in classrooms, lecture halls, and auditoriums

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Ligature resistant locks, over-the-door alarms, seclusion room, & sallyport locking hardware

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Securitech’s multi-point locking systems are customizable to meet end-user goals

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Over three decades of success in creating and delivering innovative products to meet the most demanding locking and life-safety needs


High-Security Door Hardware

Renowned for multi-point locking and the best deadbolt locks, Securitech prides itself as America’s leading “Go-To” high-security door hardware manufacturer. From schools and behavioral healthcare facilities to worldwide retailers, government institutions, and infrastructure, Securitech’s proven lock security solutions provide for a unique niche in various industries and markets.


Featured Products


Shielded in a durable, nylon polymer sheathing, SAFEBOLT is an easy-to-install and affordable alternative to replacing cylindrical locksets.

Designed for classrooms which are generally locked by key from the exterior, SAFEBOLT meets Department of Homeland Security’s #1 recommendation to quickly lockdown classroom doors from inside without the use of a key.


QID has a new look for 2019 featuring an enhanced visual indicator and sleek, modern sloped trim.

Functioning as an everyday classroom lock, QID features a red button that projects a 1″ stainless steel emergency deadbolt, going above and beyond the standard latch used to secure classrooms


Durable. Affordable. Easy to Install.
Security you can count on.

LEXI™ Lockdown

LEXI™ Lockdown offers enhanced safety and security in larger multi-door spaces, retrofitting existing exit devices. While the multi-door lockdown lock functions as an everyday passage lock in the day, the exit devices can be deadbolted in case of an emergency.


Securitech, the leader in multi-point locking, has answered the call for multi-point locking with automatic locking function on high-traffic doors. Designed for locations accessible by staff and the public alike, AUTO-BOLT’”MAX offers maximum protection against break-ins combined with a simple unlock action.


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